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Welcome To The Page for an Independant Cape!
This site will be developed in order to advance the concept of an independant, succesfully governed, self sufficient Cape! Wholly seperate from South Africa! Beyond the reach of power hungry selfish centrists.
The most beautiful Cape of all!
The Cape as a destination will also be encouraged with pics etc.
One picture, a thousand words...
Another country??

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"In short, South Africa under black majority rule is almost as bad a mess as was South Africa under white minority rule. So little has changed for the better for the great preponderance of the population that the future of the country cannot be predicted."

Interesting Banned Book
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If there is to be a "new country," the Cape Republic looks like a potential winner. It is the second richest area in Africa, has magnificently gorgeous scenery, beautiful cities, and a rich ethnic mix (they are often referred to as the Rainbow People). They have had much practice living together, having started in 1652. No one doubts that the country would be politically stable.

Reprinted with permission from Freedom Network News, March 1994.
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